The cloud isn’t just someone else doing traditional IT work on your behalf. The cloud is a fundamental shift in how IT can solve problems.

This series explores the cloud from every angle. In discussion with experts and community leaders around the world, we explore how service deliver, development, cybersecurity, and business is changing as a result of the cloud.

Season 02

  1. The Unicorn Project Principles
  2. Executives vs. Engineers
  3. The Security of Software
  4. Finding Security
  5. Transformations In The Cloud
  6. We're Back

Season 01

  1. AWS re:Invent 2019 re:Cap
  2. AWS re:Invent 2019 Kick-off
  3. Open Source Risks
  4. Containers v1.1 ;-)
  5. Misconfigurations & Scale
  6. Real World Problems
  1. This event occurs in the future This episode is streaming soon